Working with archetypes

In working with Archetypes, Numerology and Tarot symbols are brought together, creating a Life symbol and a Soul symbol.
I use the Aleister Crowley deck, and can calculate which Archetypes are present in your life, or current year. 

What are archetypes?

a constantly-recurring symbol or motif in literature, painting, or mythology. This definition refers to the recurrence of characters or ideas sharing similar traits throughout various, seemingly unrelated cases in classic storytelling, media, etc. This usage of the term draws from both comparative anthropology and from Jungian archetypal theory.

Source: Wikipedia


Life symbols are symbols that are based on your date of birth. You have this symbol all your life. Both your life symbol and your soul symbol are life symbols. Both represent your inherent potential and purpose in this life. 

The Personality Symbol represents how you express yourself in the outside world, what your talents, gifts and inner resources are, and how others see you. We don't work with this at first)

The Soul Symbol (also called Soul/Life Mission) represents the deepest core of who you are. This symbol provides you with an inner energy base and a natural resource from where you can draw to express your personality. This spiritual resource animates  you at the core of who you are.

Your growth symbol is about which Archetype you are. That changes every year. You have an inner and an outer Archetype. The growth year of the Archetypes starts about 7,5-8 months before your birthday. 

The basics

A basic report with your Archetype for life, with a detailed descripting of your year of birth. 


A more detailed report,  30 min of coaching and 3 years of Growth Symbols. Last, current and next year.


Would you like to work with Archetypes yourself? 
1-day-course (max 4 persons)

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